When the end result is greater than the sum of individual achievements - it’s a team

Onchain is a diverse group of individuals who came together because we’re passionate about innovation and blockchain. We are fascinated by blockchains' potential to improve business processes and elevate human society.

Together, we set out to explore the true possibilities this technology offers. We are curious how people are implementing it right now in all areas of life. What we discover, we share with you so you can easily find or create your own onchain space.

Meet the team

Michał Moneta

What brings you Onchain, Michał?

I love the idea of decentralization and having absolute ownership and control over my assets. The magnitude of innovation in the Web3 space is fascinating, and I want to be a part of this amazing movement.

Michał is the Head of Onchain and leads the entire project and its research activities. 

He has a PhD in marketing and behavioral economics. He’s an Assistant Professor at Uni Lodz and holds certificates from 5 international Unis. Michal has co-authored books on the subject and brings 8+ years of marketing experience, especially in digital and content marketing. He’s been managing various teams for 5+ years.

Other than that...

I’m a bass guitar autodidact, F1 lover, gym enthusiast, travel addict, bookworm, and medium rare steak admirer 😋

Michał Moneta

Head of Onchain

Ruth M. Trucks

What brings you Onchain, Ruth?

Blockchain is the most revolutionary technology, and that fascinates me. It’s exciting to explore the enormous potential and hopefully see it improve how we do business.

Ruth is our Senior Content Manager, planning and overseeing content creation for the website and magazine.

She’s a certified Copywriter and Content Marketer with 15+ years of experience marketing content for tech companies. Ruth managed blogs for large companies, worked with startups, and helped build e-commerce and other websites. She’s published articles in SEJ and other magazines.

Other than that...

My favorite place is on the back of a motorcycle (when I’m not writing) 💯.

Ruth M. Trucks

Senior Content Manager

Arin Soleymani

What brings you Onchain, Arin?

I believe in the Onchain community, where everybody can participate regardless of where or who they are. This motivates me to help build an inclusive community and industry.

Arin is a Senior Business Developer. He conducts market research and builds partnerships and strategies for generating new business revenues.

He has a Master’s degree in Digital Solutions Development and also studied international marketing and sales. In his decade of marketing work, he helped multiple Web3-focussed startups conceptualize products and bring them to market.

Other than that...

There’s a lot of pizza being eaten every day in Web3, and that’s awesome. 🍕

Arin Soleymani

Senior Business Developer

Boris Agatić

What brings you Onchain, Boris?

Immediately after I read the Bitcoin whitepaper in 2015, I was hooked and started with education in Croatia. It’s a game-changing data structure, and I want to be a part of the revolution.

Boris is a Data Scientist responsible for collecting, analyzing, documenting, tracking, and visualizing data. 

He has over ten years of experience in the public and private sectors and founded several startups. In addition, Boris lectures on AI, blockchain, programming, and data in the largest private IT Uni in the Balkan and was a board member of the Croatian Blockchain & Crypto Association.

Other than that...

I’m a huge video game addict – I finished 500+ different games in just 30 years. When I grow up screen-watching will be my occupation 🤩

Boris Agatić

Data Scientist

Ananya Shrivastava

What brings you Onchain, Ananya?

I have been fascinated with blockchain from the beginning because this single technology has the potential to solve the world’s top issues and give power to the individual.

Ananya is a Research Analyst, researching and analyzing how to apply blockchain solutions to solve real-world issues.

She has a PhD in blockchain and was one of the very first people in India to receive this degree. She’s been researching the technology ever since and was among the first to identify early centralization issues. Ananya’s focus has always been the practical implementation.

Other than that...

I like to create beautiful things from waste materials. I’ve been obsessed with this for a few years now 😀

Ananya Shrivastava

Research Analyst

Lucas de Melo

What brings you Onchain, Lucas?

I wanted to transition away from advertising and do something more fulfilling and meaningful. So, now I’m Onchain, a non-profit with a purpose I identify with.

Lucas is our UX Designer, in charge of providing solutions focused on user experience.

He has an MBA in UX Design & User Research, a BA in Social Communication & Advertising, and a technical degree in Systems Analysis. He was awarded Honorable Mentions by several international companies such as HubSpot and more. Lucas has 10+ years of experience in advertising agencies, and that’s not all.

Other than that...

I love to learn new languages even though I’m not good at it. [editor’s note: Lucas is very modest! 😊]

Lucas De Melo

UX Designer

Mariia Chernysheva

What brings you Onchain, Maria?

My journey in Web3 started in 2021, yet people say one year in this industry counts as ten. :) I've been learning and feeling excited every day since.

Maria is a Social Media Marketer, and makes sure Onchain is visible on the right social platforms at the right time. 

She has a Master’s Degree in Public Relations and almost ten years of experience in digital marketing. Maria managed paid social campaigns, built communities, and helped startups grow organically. Onchain is her third Web3 project, after crypto tax software and an L1 blockchain. 

Other than that...

I don’t go to a party if my dog is not invited. 🐶

Maria Chernysheva

Social Media Marketer

Nitzan Sheps

What brings you Onchain, Nitzan?

I wanted a new challenge, not only professionally but also personally. In the Web3 space, I can create my own thing. I start everything from scratch and bring it to the perfect finish myself.

Nitzan is our Video Creator. He creates all our video content, from interviews through animations to the final show. 

He has over ten years of experience shooting and creating videos and films. Nitzan worked in the television space after he studied cinema, film, and video before he moved to the private corporate sector and eventually landed Onchain.

Other than that...

I only care about three things: 1. Hummus, 2. my family, 3. my music – in that order (just kidding 🙃).

Nitzan Sheps

Video Creator

Ambreen Khral

What brings you Onchain, Ambreen?

I think it’s time to democratize access to financial and non-financial resources. So, that’s where I want to focus my energies.

Ambreen is our Scrum Master, and she supports technical and business research.

She is a certified Electrical Engineer with experience in different fields. Her professional track record includes working for four large consulting firms in Hong Kong. Ambreen was also invaluable to the Lisk project, where, among other things, she contributed to the development of a decentralized exchange.

Other than that...

My favorite travel destination is Iceland 🇮🇸

Ambreen Khral

Market Researcher

Chris Braithwaite

What brings you Onchain, Chris?

I am a strong supporter of decentralization. I firmly believe the Web3 domain will bring about a paradigm shift in technology, and I am excited to play my part in this.

Chris is our Content & Technical Writer, writing articles and technical documentation.

He has many years of experience in technical research, documentation, and content. He contributed significantly to companies in the communications and ICT area, not only in writing but also with advisory and consulting services. For the past seven years, his focus has been blockchain technology.

Other than that...

I love skiing in the winter and swimming in the summer (not only the summer, though) 😎.

Chris Braithwaite

Content & Technical Writer

Sven Kamieth

What brings you Onchain, Sven?

We need fewer power centers and leaders, and more connection and network building instead. I found them in Web3. I love everything that connects us, and online, it’s Web3.

Sven is a Content Writer and Storyteller for the Onchain magazine.

He is an engineer with a bachelor’s degree in media technology. However, Sven preferred to turn his excellent writing talent into a profession. He has been writing about blockchain since 2018, before it was coined Web3. was a journalist and content writer and also joined a research service focused on FinTech and DeFi.

Other than that...

I love everything that connects us. Offline it’s music – waves that make us feel, connect, and enhance our beauty – I’m a DJ 🎧

Sven Kamieth

Content Writer and Storyteller

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