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Free worldwide shipping on all orders. The Onchain Hoodie is a unique blend of fashion and digital artistry, designed for collaborations between web3 brands and NFT artists. The hoodie serve as a wearable canvas that brings the digital blockchain community's creativity into the physical world. Made from a comfortable fabric weight of 280gsm, the hoodie offers both softness and durability. The cotton used is a versatile natural fiber, cultivated mainly in warm climates across South America, Asia, and Africa, following a careful process of harvesting, fiber separation, and spinning into yarn.

Onchain Tag

The unique, replaceable Velcro tag turns your item into multi-purpose wear. Simply remove and reapply a different brand tag to fit the occasion. It’ll make your life simple, save you costs, and it also promotes the sustainable use of garments and waste reduction.


- 90% cotton and 10% polyester
- 280gsm (Gram per Square Meter)

The cotton used is a soft, fluffy and highly versatile natural fiber that is used to produce textiles and various other products. The cotton plant requires a warm climate, adequate rainfall and well-drained soil to grow successfully. Therefore cotton is mainly produced in South America, Asia and Africa.

The harvesting of cotton involves removing the fibers from the bolls. After harvesting, The fibres are processed to separate them from seeds and other plant material. The resulting cotton fibers can be spun into yarn or thread and used to weave or knit fabrics.


- Necktape with Onchain logo
- Metal ends to the black drawstrings
- Onchain logo in the neck
- Onchain | Lisk Velcro (included)


- Available sizes: S, M, L, XL
- Fit: Loose fit
- Sex: Unisex

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- Returns are possible within 14 days.