Meet Ali Haghighatkhah, CEO & Founder at Muzikie

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Jun 18, 2023Reading Time: < 1 minute

Ali Haghighatkhah is CEO & Founder at Muzikie, a decentralized music streaming platform built on Lisk. Muzikie allows you to listen to your favorite music while supporting artists, thanks to blockchain.

Meet Ali Haghighatkhah, CEO & Founder at Muzikie

Ali Haghighatkhah, the CEO & Founder at Muzikie, believes that the current state of the music industry doesn’t treat musicians fairly and wants to change the situation. 

Ali participated in the event ‘Sounds of Web3’ in April 2023.

— Ali Haghighatkhah

‘Main challenge that musicians face right now is that the way to access their audience is music streaming platforms like Spotify or Apple Music.They pay a really tiny fraction of their income to artists’